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SHOTGUN MESSAGES (This is an old term for messages which relate to more than one topic or have several applications) 
18. And There Came One That Escaped
19. John and Herod
20. Cain and Abel - A Fuller Application
21. Stones, Whole Stones, and Plastered Stones
22. Holy and Holiness
23. Assyria - Brambles and Drunkards
24. Putting The Chains Back On
25. So He Made It Again
26. The Beauty Of Holiness
27. Tears After Victory
28. And For A Wife He Kept Sheep
29. The Lame Man At Bethesda
30. The Dice That Haman Rolled
31. The Barren Fig Tree
32. The Bulge In TheVeil
33. The Ox That Stumbled
34. For I Believe God
35. The Death Of Moses
36. The Fire Of  God
37. Necessary Things
38. Not So, Lord Acts 10
39. The Suppers Of  Jesus
40. The Search For Answers
41. Jesus Calms the Storm
42. Our Lot In Life
43. Profitable Things
44. A Common Man In A King's Grave
45. The Spirtual  Christian
46. Come Before Winter
47. Treasure In the Sack

COUPLETS OR SHORT SERIES (messages that go together) 

  David and Absolom
  The Word
  Reasonable Questions
  Living On The Principle Series 
  Thus the Lord Saved Israel
  Things Christains Should Know
2. What Christians Should Know (2)

  Things Christains Should Know (2)
2. The Christians We Ought to Be

   Series on Heaven
1. Heaven - The Questions
2. Heaven - What It Is Like
3. Heaven - The Third
4. Heaven - The Better Country
    Series on Prayer
1.  The Prayer Life Of Jesus #1
2.  The Prayer Life of Jesus #2
3.  The Prayer Life of Jesus #3

    Series on "The Christians War"
1.  The Presumption of War
2.  The Soldier's Strength
3.  How A Christian Can Stand
4.  The Girdle Of Truth
5.  The Breastplate
6.  Combat Boots
7.  The Shield
8.  The Helmet
9.  The Sword, the Spirit, and Prayer

Series on "The Great Commission"
1.  The Greatness of the Commissiion
2.  Why Every Christian Should Win Souls
3.  Why Christians Say That They Do Not Win Souls

  Series on Jude
1.  Jude - A Servant
2.  Jude - To Them
3.   Holy, Kept and Called
4.  The Invocation for Believers
5.  The Call to Contend
6.  The Fifth Column
7.  Examples of the Creep
8.  The Character of the Creep
9.  Fourth Characteristic of the Creep
10 The Deceiver's Relationship to Truth
11 The Way of Cain
12.Balaam In the Church
13.The Rebellion of Kore
14 Spots
15.Clouds Without Water
16.Trees Without Fruit
17.Raging Waves
18.Wandering Stars
19.And Enoch Also
20.The Mouth Of A Godless Man
21.Them And Us - The Difference
22 What To Do In These Last Days
23.Praying In The Holy Spirit
24.Keeping In The Father's Love
25.Looking for the Lord
26.The Doxology of Jude
27.Pulling Them From The Fire
28.Keep Yourselves, Others Save

 Series On The Chasm
1.  The Chasm And The Cure
2.  The Chasm And The Cure Part 2
3.  The Chasm Of God's Justice
4.  The Chasm And Redemption
5.  The Chasm And Reconcilliation
6.  The Chasm And Regeneration
 Series on The Lord's Prayer
1.  Our Father Who Art In Heaven
2.  Prayer For God- Hollowed Be Thy Name
3.  Thy Kingdom Come
4.  Thy Will Be Done
5.  Our Daily Bread
6.  Forgive Us Our Debts
7.  The Protection Of Prayer

Series On Inspiration
1.  What The Bible Says About Itself Hebrews Part 1
2.  What The Bible Says About Itself Hebrews 4:12

Series On "The Father's Business"
1.  The Father's Business 
2.  The Business of The Father
3.  The Business Of God

Series On "The Flood"
1. The Flood
2. The Ark Of Noah
3. But Noah

Series On "Evangilism, II Kings Chapters 6 & 7"
1. Elisha And A Beseiged City
2. Four Lepers And A Beseiged City
3. A King In A Beseighed City

Series On What The Bible Says About Itself
1. The Claim Of 2 Timothy 3
2. The Character of the Country
3. That I Might Gain the More
4. II Peter

Series On Ethics
1. A Study of Right and Wrong
2. The Christian View of Ethics
3. The Clash of Values
4  The Bible and Abortion
5. Marriage and Divorce
6. Homosexuality
7. Ecology

Series on 2 John
1. The Elder For The Sake Of  The Truth 
2. The Greeting 
3.The Christian and Heresy 

Series On Proverbs 8
1. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:1-3 
. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:4,5 
3. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:6-9 
4. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:10-19 
5. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:12-14 
6. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:15-17 
7. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:23-31 
8. The Case For Wisdom, Prov.8:32-36

Series On Psalm 51
1. When, "It's All About Me" is OK
. What God Can Do With My Sin  
3. It's All About Me Serving  

Series On Satan
1. Satan The Beginning  
. The "I Wills" Of Satan  
3. How Satan Works  

Series On Psalm 26
1.  How To Keep From Slipping  
2.  People Who Make You Slip  
3.  The Personel Walk - Sin  
4.  Proclaim and Personel Time  
5.  Plant Your Flag and Persevere  

Series On The Invisible Things
1. Part 1
2. Part 2  
3. Part 3  
4  Part 4  
5. Part 5  
6. Part 6  
7. Part 7




1.  The Boldness of the Believer 9.  The Duty of Every Day
10.Joy Unspeakable
11.Eleven Days From Horab
12.Crouching At Your Door
13.The Fullness of Stephen
14 Wheat, Fire and a Hammer
15.The Deception of a Man Of God
16.The Quiet Time
17.The Heavenly Workout
18. Andrew
19. Four Cities Of Benjamin
20. The Solitary Place
21. And Lot Dwelt In A Cave
22. Jesus Our Example
23. The Amazing Things Of God
24. Core Values From Genesis
25. Nathanael
26. The Comforter
27. The Character Of Salt
28. Ebanezar-TheRock Of Help
29. Epaphroditus
30. The Certainties of John
31. God's Care Of Elijah
32. How To Shine
33. How Jacob Tricked His Father
34. What The Spirit Does For The Christian
35. What God Can Do With Little
36. How To Flourish Psalm 92
37. The Needy man's Prayer


1.  The Quest of an Empty Heart 1:1-3
2.  What Passes, What Remains 1:4-11 

3.  When Life Doesn"t Add Up 1:12-18
4.  When All That You Want Is Not Enough 2:1-11
5.  The Specter of Death 2:12-17

6.  Labor, Largess, & Legacy  2:18-26
7.  Beautiful in its Time  3:1-15

8.  When Life is Unjust 3:16-22

9.  Oppressed and No Comforter 4:1-3

10. The Envy of Success 4:4-6

11. Man - Alone and Lonely 4:7-12
That Which a King Cannot Do 4:13-16
The Vanity of Religion 5:1-7
14. Finding God In Unjust World 5:8

15. Working for Wind (Part 1) 5:9-20
Working for Wind (Part 2) 5:9-20
17. The Penurious Man 6:1- 12
18. A Good Name 7:1-9
19. Wisdom and the Good Old Days 7:9-22
20. Wisdon and The Duality of Man 7:23-29
21. Wisdom and The King of My Life 8:1-8
22. Rule of Law and Law of Rule 8:8-17
23. The Madness of Man  9:1-12
24. War and Wisdom  9:13-18
25. The Fly in the Ointment 10:1-7
26. Dead Snakes and Dull Axes 10:8-12
27. This Thing of Work  10:13-20
28. The Seeming Absurdity of Following the Lord 11:1-10
29. The End of It All 12:1-14



1. The Christian Dynamic - the vine
2. The Dynamic of the Christian Life- fruit
3. The Dynamic of the Word
4. The Dynamic of Prayer
5. The Dynamic The Holy Spirit Provides
6. The Dynamic of the Husbandman


3. Salt


1.  Three Days of Christmas
2.  Of Angels and Shepherds

3.  Gifts for God
4.  That Which Belonged to the Babe in the Manger

5.  Christmas Peace
6.  He Shall Be Called Wonderful
7.  Mathew's Nativity
8.  Simeon's Christmas
9.  Perfect Peace
10.Good News - Great Joy
11. Herod's First Christmas (2015)
12. Why They That Heard It Wondered (2016)
13. His Name Is Wonderful (2017)  


1. The Presentation of Jesus (triumphal entry)
2.  Stealing Jesus' Body (resurrection)

3.  The Neglected Doctrine (the ascension)

4.  They Believed Not for Joy (resurrection)
5.  The Last Hour of Jesus (on the cross)
6.  Recognizing Jesus (post resurrection)
7.  Risen As He Said (resurrection)
8.  Come See (Easter 2010)
9.  The Resurection in Jesus Words (Easter 2011)
10.Three Who Saw Jesus (Easter 2012)
11.The Arrest Of God
12.The Death Of God
13.The Grave Clothes Of Jesus  (Easter2013)
14.The Cross That Shook The World
15.The Darkness At Calvary
16.Why Seek The Living Among The Dead (Easter 2014)
17.The Resurrection (Eastor 2015)
18. With Jesus On The Road To Emmaus
19. If Christ Be Not Raised  (Easter 2017) 


1.  An Old Pattern for the New Year
2.  Counting the Days to make Them Count

3.  Old Things For A New Year
4.  The New Year Greeting
5.  Moses On the New Year
6.  Some Old Things To Remember
7.  If We Continue Another Year
8.  Redeeming The Time
9.  Men Of Issaghar
10. Without Distraction
11. The Beginning Of The Year   


1. A Love Story
2. The "Love's" of Scripture


1. In Remembrance of Me
2. The Lord's Supper Made Plain
3. "As Often As Ye Do It"
4. Jesus' Desire For The Last Supper


12. Zion - My Hometown
13. The Rich Young Ruler & The Cross
14. The Fatal Shot
15. Mephibosheth - The Kindness of God
16. Manna and Jesus
17. The Man With Palsey
18. Remember Lot's Wife
19. Gehazi-The Unlikely Witness
20. Zelophahad's Daughters
21. Be Ready
22. The Rich Man And Lazarus
23. True Bread
24. The Need Of The World
25. The Pearl Of Great Price
26.  His Life Is Bound Up In The Life Of The Lad
27. The Feet Of Jesus
28. The Case of The Women Taken In Adultry
29. The Lost Axe Head
30. Inescapable Truths About Jesus
31. The Clothing Of God
32. But When Jesus Saw The Multitudes
33. The Finger Of God
34. The Lame Man And The Beautiful Gate
35. The Poor Man's Need
36. Hezekiah - A Pushed Arrow
37. Things Judas Knew
38. A Bed Too Short
39. Abimelech


1.  What The Man Who Waits For the Lord Is Like
2.  Things Old and New
3.  How To Finish Well
4.  Fishermen Caught In Their Net
5.  And So We Came To Rome
6.  Courage And The Christian
7. The Centurians's Great Faith
8. What The World Expects Of A Christian
9. There Is In This City A Man Of God
10. Growing Up Moses
11. What Herod Thought Of John
12. His Life Is Bound In The Life Of The Lad
13. The Man That God Seeks
14. Timothy - A Man Of Faith
15. AWay To Walk And A Thing To Do
16. Seven Things David For Solomon
17. How To Have Good Success
18. The Abandoned Water Bucket
19. Thomas
20. The Lot Of Mistakes Of Lot
21. There Is Yet One Man
22. The Lord Hath Need
23. Good Ground
24. The Law Of The Harvest
25. Elijah's Last Day On Earth
26. "Being In The Way, The Lord Led Me"
27. Ready Christians
28. Adversity And The Christian
29. Timothy - A Man Of God
30. The Sure Lunch 
31. The Battles God Fights 
32. The Gibeonites Joshua 9 
33. The "Oughts" Of The Christian 
34. The Nature Of Weapons 
35. Walk On Water School 
36. What Took The Wind Out Of The Queen Of Sheba 
37. Those Who Stayed Behind I Sam 30:1-25 
38. Empty Vessels II Kings 4:1-7 
39. Ezra Reads THe Bible  Neh 8 
40. When You Can Go Back To Your Tent 
41. Handling The Bible 
42. The Saint That Can't Be Moved 
43. The Phoney Followers
44. A Good Report  
45. Caleb - Give Me This Mountain  
46. Why Paul Chose Not  To Go To Heaven  
47. Ten Things Abount A Nail  
48. How All Knew Samuel Was A Man Of God  


1.  The Parable Of The Pounds Luke 19:
2.  King David's Glass Of Water


1. Salvation Plain & Simple
2. God's Appointments
3. Suffer the Little Children
4. Breaking The Silence


1. The Greatness Of Jehosophat
2. Uzziah
3. Amazia
4. Josia
5. Rehoboam
6. Adonijah
7. Herod Antipas
8. Manasseh, Son Of Hezekiah
9. Asa - First and Last

1.  Get Wood
2.  First Glory
3.  When Blessings Begin
4.  God's Signet Ring
5.  Bags With Holes


1. God's Prayer For Himself
2. God's Name And God's Word
3. The Work Of Scriptures
4. Left Behind On Purpose
5. That The World May Believe


1.  The Right Path
2.  The Path Of The Wicked
3.  The Path Of The Just
4.  The Path Of Your Feet


1.  The Rapture, The Expectation of the Saint
2.  The Immutability of God
3.  The Bible and Music
4.  The Non-negotiable Essentials of the Faith
5.  Some Marks of a Great Church
6.  Law- Retribution or Reformation?
7.  The Bible and Ethics

8.  It's About Justice (the woman taken in adultery)

9.  Metaphors & Mothers in the Bible 

10. Giving and the Gracious God
11. Things Most Surely Believed

12. The Security of the Believer
13. What Is Your Confidence
14. Why Jesus Tarries
15. The Blue Pomegrante  
(The Bible and Art)
16. A Great Nation
17. We Ourselves Together (Unity and Separation)
18. Two Ordinances and a Third (Church Ordinances)
19. Manna and The Bible
20. Conviction vs Preference
21. The Unfinished Work Of Christ
22. Foolish Choices in the Bible
23. On Burning the Koran
24. The Well Hidden Bible (Scripture Memorization)
25. Jesus's Use Of Scripture
26. The Assembly of Believers (Church Attendance)
27. The Crowns of the Believer
28. Precious Things In These Days
29. The Murmur In The Tent Door
30. Halloween
31. The Foundation Of Faith
32. Mordecai The Jew
33. The"I Am's" Of Jesus
34. The Temptation Of Jesus
35. The Must Of Jesus
36. The Case Of The Withered Hand
37. Death Of A Generation
38. Joy From A Weeping Prophet
39. What Are You Doing Here Elijah (Discouragement)
40. The Day Jesus Went To Heaven (The Ascention)
41. A Search For A Bride
42. The Runaway Slave
43. Mountain Peaks Of Jesus
44. The Christian and Human Government
45. The Exile
46. A Post Election Sermon
47. If You Do Not Have - Mark 16  
48. The Christian's Occupation  
49. On Judging  
50. Bread, Stones and a Stick  


1. The Holy Spirit, Who He Is And What He Does
2. The Holy Spirit In The Life Of Christ And My Salvation
3. The Holy Spirit And The Life Of A Christian

4. The Holy Spirit And The Sign Gifts



1. And So Spake
2. The Pattern of Soulwinning

3. The Ambassador
4. By All Means Save Some
5. Jesus Winning Souls
6. Jesus Prayer For Me
7. The Eleventh Commandment
8. Philip The Soulwinner
9. A Harp In The Trees
10. Ready To Give An Answer
11. Working With Jesus Mark 16:20
12. This I do for the Gospels Sale




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